A Mick Murphy Key West Mystery

Right As Wrong Can Be

When Mick Murphy stops at night on U.S. 1 to assist a teenage girl in distress, his world begins to unravel. Chased by thugs, the girl is traumatized and can’t speak to Murphy. Once at home, his live-in Irish girlfriend Peggy Naughton helps communicate with the teenager.

Soon a private investigator shows up in Key West looking for the teen and believes Murphy knows her whereabouts. Things get worse as Murphy tries to unite the girl with her family. In his way is his Russia Mafia nemeses Alexei, who wants the girl at any cost. Murphy wants to kill Alexei, up close and personal for his involvement in the death of Tita.

Things only get worse when Albanian mobsters show up and want the girl too. There’s a Judas among Murphy’s eclectic friends and before it’s over, his life will have spiraled into the abyss.

"Above me stood a man the size of a sequoia tree-trunk holding a machete, ready to bring it down on my head. His sinister grin widened. I crawled backward, using my arms and legs. He laughed and slashed the air above him with the machete. Then he raised it high and grunted.

Death stared down at me and it wasn’t pretty. It wasn’t that I accepted it. I wasn’t sure what else I could do. My Ruger lay somewhere in the dirt, no vehicles passed and I guessed the teenager took the opportunity to run."

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Michael Haskins

Michael Haskins