A Mick Murphy Key West Mystery

Alibi For Evil

After two suspicious deaths in Key West, Mick Murphy gets caught up in a conspiracy theorist dream. Corrupt Florida politicians, all the way to the governor, land developers and banks are ready to develop the pristine Keys, including Murphy's beloved Key West. What's worse of Murphy and his eclectic group of friends is that federal agencies know what's happening, who the players are and are doing little, if anything. To big to fail comes to mind. Throw in the Mexican drug cartel's money, used as an investment in the plan, and Murphy faces one of his most dangerous misadventures to date.

"I didn't want to get involved when this all started. I'm sorry now that I did. It all came down to a government agency creating an alibi for evil. Something I couldn't go along with. In the end, I had no choice."

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Michael Haskins

Michael Haskins