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Mick Murphy's LawMick Murphy's Law
A Mick Murphy Key West Mystery

A pregnant woman friend of Mick Murphy's is beaten to death. As she lay dying Murphy promises to make the killer face justice. His pursuit takes him and his mismatched eclectic friends to the Ocala National Forest looking for a meth lab run by outlaw bikers. That brief, deadly encounter leads them to the Tit-4-Tat strip club in Dayton Beach where they run into a FBI/DEA/ATF stakeout and investigation. Cooperation is short lived and the Feds are not what they seem as Murphy and his friends head back to the forest and St. Johns River to get their man. ... Read Chapters 1 & 2

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"Michael Haskins' 'Nobody Wins' is a breathless, high-octane international crime thriller with the fast-pace of an '80s action movie."  ~ Paul D. Brazill, author of Guns Of Brixton and A Case Of Noir.

"Mick Murphy has been in some trouble before, but NOBODY WINS puts him in a life and death situation about every five pages. From Key West to Los Angeles, from New Jersey to Dublin, Ireland, Mick is on the run, and hes never sure why. Twists, turns and a climatic ending make this page turner a thrill- a- minute read." ~ Don Bruns, author of the Stuff Series & Sever Music Series


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Indie Book Promo: Interview with Michael Haskins, Nobody Wins
December 2014

Cozy In Miami
Adventures with a Mystery Writer,
Miami Interview with Michael Haskins
January 2015

Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine
The Jan. 2015 issue features my Mick Murphy short story - Hemingway's Typewriter. If you can find a copy, it's fun reading as Mick has to help a friend deal with Hemingway's ghost, among other things. Edition should be available first of December on the newsstands and in the mail to subscribers before that.

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