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In my writing, I have tried to be faithful to the island and its businesses. I should remind you that my stories are fiction, because crime as I write it does not happen in Key West. We are a long way from the mayhem and gangs of Miami, but with a vivid imagination, I have been able to create the situations needed for a political-murder mystery series.



“The Russian Mafia, gunfights, a harrowing in-air plane crash all capture the violent world Mick Murphy inhabits. Michael Haskins makes me wonder if I ever want to visit the Keys again. He takes the laid back Key West culture and ratchets it up to where you can’t turn the pages fast enough. Another breathtaking tale from Haskins and Murphy.” -- Don Bruns, author, Hot Stuff, Stuff Dreams Are Made Of, Stuff to Spy For, Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff, Too Much Stuff and the Sever Music Series.

Behind this very public facade the literary side of the (Hemingway Days) festival is also in full swing. I wander along Duval Street to a local gallery to one of the headline events. Crime writer Michael Haskins is giving a reading from his latest Mick Murphy crime novel, Car Wash Blues. His books, set in and around the Florida Keys, reveal a side of the keys we’ll never meet but is vivid and alive in Haskins’ story telling. -- Gary Quinn, Irish Times, Dublin, Ireland

FREE RANGE INSTITUTION by Michael Haskins is “A masterful tropical mystery. Every city has an ugly underbelly populated with bad guys—even touristy Key West. In Michael Haskins’ deft storytelling, this tip-of-Florida isle—literally at the end of the road—is equal parts paradise and murderous mayhem, one made all the more exciting by his hero, Boston Irishman Mad Mick Murphy.” -- W.E.B. Griffin & William E. Butterworth IV, Wall Street Journal and New York Times #1 bestselling authors

“I’ve had the privilege of spending a month during each of three years on Key West. Michael Haskins, now, has lived on the Rock for more than a decade. And, like most non-natives who become reporters for local newspapers, he’s absorbed more island life and lore than most. FREE RANGE INSTITUTION is a wonderful new entry in his Mick Murphy mystery series. Happily for those who love Key West, FREE RANGE INSTITUTION is both a terrific ride through, and a terrific read about, the people and places personifying America’s beachhead in the ‘North Caribbean.’” -- Jeremiah Healy, author of RESCUE and SPIRAL

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